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Residential Landscaping Services

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Serving Port Orange and New Smyrna with Residential Landscaping, including Design, Installation and Irrigation Services.

In addition to serving some of the finest Fortune 500 companies throughout Florida’s East Coast, we are proud to provide residential landscaping services for residents of Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach.

Landscape Design and Installation
Our design and installation services will provide you with a beautiful landscape that enhances your home and brings character to your yard.

Our residential landscape design and Installation services include:

  • Mulch Installation – Mulch not only adds beauty to your landscape, but it also benefits your trees and plant by retaining moisture, suppressing weeds and acting as an insulator. In addition, mulch helps prevent soil compaction, conditions the soil,  adds nutrients by contributing to the availability of potassium and can add nitrogen, phosphorus, and trace elements to the soil.

    We offer a several varieties and colors of mulch and will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

  • Tree and Plant Installation –  Trees and plants will add beauty to your home by adding color, texture, depth and scale. We’ll advise you on the best types of trees and plants to enhance your landscape. Using only the finest trees and plants, we install with the properly amended soils and fertilizers to promote growth. 
    Our experienced professionals takes pride in every planting enhancement project.

  • Irrigation Services – An irrigation system will allow you to achieve a beautiful landscape while saving you time, water, and money. Our irrigation services include installation, maintenance and repair.
    There are two types of watering systems. Traditional overhead sprinklers are widely used for lawns, while drip irrigation lines work well for garden beds. If you are especially concerned with water usage a drip system is a good option. This can help save you an average of 30% or more of your water use every year. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a custom quote. 

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