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Mulch Installation

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Mulching is an essential part of getting the most out of your commercial landscaping.

A fresh layer of mulch around your landscape beds and along pathways gives a clean, crisp look of contrasting color that is visually appealing.

The mulch adds an extra layer that acts as a protective barrier to the roots of plants and trees and helps the soil retain moisture.  Whether organic or inorganic, a mulch of any kind minimizes soil evaporation, making the absorption of water available longer to plant roots. The decomposition of organic mulch over time adds biological nutrients back into the soil, contributing to the fertility of the earth.

There are many other benefits that mulching will bring to your commercial & residential landscaping.

A layer of mulch insulates plant roots from the heat of summer and cold in the winter. Fall plantings benefit from mulch because winter weather can damage new plantings that are not well established.  Mulch materials create an environment where plant roots can thrive by protecting the soil from extreme temperatures.  Winter injuries are less likely, and water and nutrients are available for uptake longer into the season.

Certain mulches are known to be more effective for pest control than others. An intense fragrance like the smell of cedar bark, for instance, deters insects. Mulching is also helpful for weed control, smothering young weed seedlings, so desirable plants have less competition.

Mulching around tree trunks allows water to penetrate the soil, reduces evaporation, prevents soil erosion, and helps to protect tree trunks from mower damage.

Mulch installation is a great way to keep your soil moist. The extra layer stops the sun from evaporating the moisture in the heat of the day, which results in moist soil that is cooler and best for growing happy and healthy plants!

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