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Our team of trained and certified irrigation technicians at SCPM is committed to optimizing the efficiency of your irrigation system through a meticulous evaluation process. We recommend and install strategic upgrades that not only maximize system performance but also significantly reduce water usage across your landscape.

Every aspect of our service is marked by careful planning and strategy. From selecting each sprinkler head to its installation, we ensure the most comprehensive yard coverage while minimizing water waste. Our precise approach guarantees that water is delivered exactly where and when it is needed.

For those particularly conscious of water conservation, we offer two main types of watering systems: traditional overhead sprinklers ideal for lawns, and drip irrigation lines, best suited for garden beds. Drip systems are particularly effective in reducing water consumption, potentially saving you an average of 30% or more on your annual water usage.

Our experienced landscape management professionals are dedicated to enhancing the beauty of your property while reducing both water costs and waste. We craft a Water Management Plan tailored specifically to your needs, following a thorough evaluation of your existing landscape. This comprehensive plan addresses all types of landscape areas and includes servicing some of the most complex systems in Florida.

Our detailed inspection process involves checking visually for hot spots and line breaks to ensure optimal functioning. We handle the installation of essential components such as timers, valves, water pumps, rotors, mist heads, pop-ups, nozzles, and motors. Each head is rigorously tested and adjusted to maintain proper operation and water distribution.

Our services extend to cleaning and adjusting sprinkler heads for accurate operation, direction, and coverage. We also meticulously remove debris and grass around all sprinkler heads to ensure effective watering. Furthermore, we recommend and facilitate the installation of advanced upgrades like smart controllers and the conversion of overhead spray heads to drip lines, enhancing overall system efficiency.

At Southern Coastal Property Maintenance, we stand by the quality of our work. Should any damage occur to your system due to our services, SCPM will repair it at our expense, demonstrating our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction. Trust us to provide a solution that not only meets but exceeds your irrigation needs.

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