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Irrigation Services

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Our trained and certified irrigation technicians will evaluate your irrigation system. We then recommend and install upgrades to maximize system efficiency to reduce landscape water use.

Careful planning & strategy goes into every individual sprinkler head selection and installation. It guarantees the most comprehensive yard coverage possible and minimizes water waste, spraying water where it’s needed in the right amount.

There are two types of watering systems; traditional overhead sprinklers, widely used for lawns, and drip irrigation lines, typically used for garden beds. If you are especially concerned with water usage a drip system is a good option; this can help save you an average of 30% or more of your water use every year.

Our team of landscape management professionals is experienced and dedicated to further beautify your property, lower water costs, and reduce water usage and waste.  We can create a Water Management Plan customized for you with a thorough evaluation of your existing landscape. Contact us here or give us a call: 877-455-0040

  • We service and inspect some of the most complex systems in Florida for all types of landscape areas.
  • We inspect visually for hot spots and line breaks.
  • Installation of timers, valves, water pumps, rotors, mist heads, pop-ups, nozzles, and motors.
  • Heads are tested and adjusted for proper operation and water distribution.
  • Services include sprinkler head cleaning and adjustments for proper operation, direction and coverage.  We also clean the debris and grass around all sprinkler heads to assure proper watering.
  • Recommend and install upgrades to maximize system efficiency such as, installing a “smart controller” and converting overhead spray heads and drip lines.
  • SCPM will repair at our cost any item that becomes damaged due to services rendered by our company.

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